About Us

Sentinel Manufacturing India Pvt Limited is a wholly subsidiary of Sentinel Manufacturing Limited (UK)

It is the culmination of 4 years’ experience working in and exporting cast and machined product from India. Always maintaining a no compromise approach to product quality, focusing not just on functionality but most importantly aesthetics. We are confident that the products we supply from India today are as good if not better than UK domestically produced items of the same type.

In September 2015 we opened our Gravity Die Casting foundry, led by our Director of Operations; Maruti Deo Kamble (Deo), leading a dedicated team at our Pune based unit and supported by the Engineering and Product & Material Services teams within our UK parent company we deliver excellence to your door on time, every time.

Taking the risk out of overseas sourcing.

Mission Statement

  • To provide world class quality components, on time, every time, delivering a service that is without compromise
  • To create a healthy and safe environment that fosters ingenuity, individuality and nurtures growth as we work towards this; our common goal

Our Focus

  • Changing the business culture
  • Creating financial stability
  • Investing for growth
  • Deploying “six sigma” principals (CPS & Kirloskar “Lean”)
  • Transferring and building upon ISO 9001:2008 Accreditation

Building our customer base and business diversity

The Foundry

From inbound ingots, sand cores to melting, pouring and dressing; every stage of the production process is controlled, enabling us to deliver consistently high quality products.

CNC Machining

Our parent company in the UK has been a quality machinist of castings and bar products for 25 years this year, earning Caterpillars esteemed SQEP recognition in 2015. 

Special Purpose Machinery

Through our own requirements for specialised air decay pressure test machinery utilising water tank verification and quick change fixtures, we have built a strong relationship with an extremely competent and reliable bespoke machinery designer and supplier.

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