The Foundry

Our Foundry

From inbound ingots, sand cores to melting, pouring and dressing; every stage of the production process is controlled, enabling us to delivering consistently high quality products.


  • India is one of the largest resources in the world.
  • At SMI we pride ourselves on our supplier development and management so even if we don’t have the capacity or process today to produce your parts ourselves; you can have confidence that the product you receive will surpass your expectations.

Production Equipment

  • 1 x 300KG Diesel fired tilting melting furnace
  • 1 x 200KG Diesel fired tilting melting furnace
  • 2 x 300KG Electric holding furnace
  • 2 x 200KG Electric holding furnace
  • 2 x 600mm x 600mm  Automated Tilting GDC
  • 1 x 600mm x 600mm Automated Vertical GDC
  • 2 x 700mm x 700mm Horizontal GDC
  • 1 x 500mm x 500mm Horizontal GDC
  • 1 x 500mm x 400mm Horizontal GDC

Further investment over next 12 months:

  • 1x De-coring machine
  • 1 x 700mm x700mm Automated Tilting GDC 
  • 1 x 500mm x 500mm Automated Tilting GDC 
  • 3Tn Crane 
  • 2Tn Forklift truck 
  • Die Storage racking

Process control will be an important factor in our success

Inspection Equipment

  • Vacuum Tester
  • Density Index
  • Spectrometer
  • Sand core grain grader
  • Sand core tensile tester
  • Sand core moisture measuring equipment

Upcoming Quality improvement investment

  • Core baking oven
  • Microstructure analysis equipment 
  • Metal tensile tester 

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